Sponsored by HE Sheikh Mohammed Bin Said Al Kalbani , Minister of Social Development at exactly one of noon today ( Monday, 01/13/2014 ) opening " the first forum for people with hereditary blood diseases " , which is organized by the Omani Society for genetic blood diseases for 60 participants from the Ministries of Social Development , and education , health , manpower , along with a number of people with this disease and their families , so that the Holiday Inn Hotel in Seeb . It includes concert - after reading verses from the Quran - the word Assembly received Threya girl sword Alihusneh chairwoman of the Assembly, and another word for genetic blood diseases provided by Dr. Salam bin Salim Canadian consultant Haematology Hospital , Sultan Qaboos University , then offers Sheikh Dr Kahlan bin Nabhan Kharousi, Assistant Grand Mufti of the Sultanate to the sponsor of the event and attend a working paper on the medical examination before marriage " religious vision , health and social ," to testify forum - then - do the participants by making observations and discourses about the challenges they face in their daily lives and related aspects of social, health , education and awareness , and operating and other exigencies of daily life and ways to overcome them ; as a prelude to serve out the recommendations of the sick and help the concerned authorities to improve the services provided to them in these areas .