Vision, terms of reference and areas of work of the ministry


Every man and woman in Oman of all ages are able to realize their full potential and to achieve success and prosperity with the support of a cohesive family, and within the framework of the community who believes that human is the goal and the tool of the development.

Terms of reference and areas of work

  1. The achievement of social care, which includes social security, relief and emergency assistance, and social research.
  2. Expand the work of the ministry through the launch of social development projects which include community development, productive families, awareness-raising programs and livelihood projects.
  3. Stimulating community to contribute to the sustainable development process.
  4. Equality and equity in life opportunities for Omani within a framework of social integration.
  5. Promote volunteerism and provide care and social protection for all groups of society.
  6. Reduction of poverty and marginalization problems.
  7. Building the capacities of women, developing their capabilities, giving attention to their issues and to be within the priorities, policies and plans of social development.
  8. Increasing the involvement of government and community in development and social projects, in collaboration with different state organs.