The Disabled Care and Rehabilitation Centre in Al-Khoudh

Since its inception in 22/11/1987, the centre has received persons with disability from the age of 14 – 24. The centre offers them comprehensive social care including accommodation, food, treatment and entertainment as well as a monthly assistance (15 Omani Riyal per student). The centre also offers educational, training and rehabilitation programs in different professions and specializations like sewing, blacksmithing, painting, computer, family education, embellishment and decoration. The table below illustrates the distribution of persons joining the centre for the rehabilitation year 2011/2012 according to governorate and type of disability

Objectives of the Centre

  1. Conduct vocational guidance and evaluation for the disabled.
  2. Provide social, psychological, rehabilitation and medical services that help disabled adapt and integrate with the society. 
  3. Rehabilitate the joining persons according to the professions that suit their abilities and tendencies in accordance with the job market requirements.
  4. Social equality and integration between disabled and the members of society 
  5. For the disabled according to the available possibilities and follow up with them till they achieve stability in work