Al-Aman Rehabilitation Centre

The Centre offers services to persons with physical, intellectual and simple and medium dual disabilities according to two age groups:

  1.  Age group (Al-Wafa Unit): includes disabled since birth till the age of (15) in the daytime period.
  2. Age group (Al-Aman Unit): includes disabled from the age of 15 onwards who have dual or medium or sever multi disability. Services and programs are provided to them during daytime as well as in-house residence for persons who are living outside Muscat Governorate.
  3. The most important services provided by the Centre are:

Rehabilitation services include:

  1. Physiotherapy – functional therapy – articulation treatment – special education – behavior amendment – life skills .
  2. Recommend to give compensatory equipment and kinetic aids to the joining children and forward them to the competent and other authorities. 
  3. Prepare the persons for enrollment and integration in educational, training and rehabilitation institutions according to their abilities and skills

Social and psychological services: they include:

  1. Social and psychological guidance programs to the persons joined and their families.
  2. Develop the child’s social skills and build appropriate behaviors.
  3. Implement awareness and promotion programs and activities
  4. Implement activation programs (sports, musical, artistic)
  5. Behavior amendment programs

Medical services: They include:

  1. Offer health care services (nursing) 
  2. Follow up the ill cases in coordination with health and governmental institutions.
  3. Improve public health and take care of personal cleanliness.

Daily transport services for children living in the governorate of Muscat till the borders of the wilaya of Barka with providing female companions in the coaches:

The various services and programs for those who are joining the Centre through a specialized technical cadre of specialized therapists, special educationalists, social and psychological specialists as well as an assistant cadre of nurses and technical workers.

The Centre’s admission requirements

  1. The applicant shall be Omani or a resident in the Sultanate.
  2. The centre accepts simple, medium and severe motor disabilities, mental disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, syndromes, and double disabilities.
  3. The applicant shall be devoid from infectious and common diseases and to get the required vaccinations. 
  4. The age of the case shall be between 6 months to 15 years or 15 years and more.