Associations and charities

Associations and charitable funds

They represent the efforts of self-motivated people with religion, social and human consideration. In addition, they work on helping the needy by contributing to the development of society along with the Government in the areas of welfare and development.
The most prominent areas of these associations’ works is the care of people with disabilities through the provision of educational services and caring about their interests. In addition, they are working on areas of care and awareness such as caring about the elderly and supporting the needy.


  • Al-Noor Association for the Blinds
  • Oman Association for the Disabled
  • Association for Welfare of Children with Disabilities
  • Oman Diabetes Association
  • Association of Early Intervention for Children with  Disabilities
  • The National Association for Cancer
  • Environment Society of Oman
  • Dar Al-Atta Association
  • National Solidarity Fund in Nazwa
  • Oman Hereditary Blood Disorder Association
  • Association of Children First
  • Al-Hayat  Association
  • Oman Road Safety Association
  • Al-Amal Association
  • Omani association for water
  • Omani Birds Fanciers Society
  • Omani Society of Friends of the Elderly
  • Omani Society for Voluntary Work
  • Omani Association for Down Syndrome
  • Al-Nakheel Association-Oman
  • Omani Society for people with hearing disabilities
  • Oman Autism Society
  • Omani Bahja Orphan Society


Institutions that are configured by natural or legal founder or founders or both with a view to develop the society and to help the needy and disabled people.

  • Saud Bahwan Charitable Organization
  • Outward Bound Oman
  • Salim Charitable Organization for Higher Education
  • Development Charity OLNG
  • Mohammed Al-Barwani Charity  Foundation
  • Al-Jisr Charity Association en
  • Suhail Bahwan Charitable Organization
  • Joussour Charity Organization

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