Develop and Empower the Family

Given the fact that family is the essential unit in the structure of the society that is assigned with social, health, economic and other functions; and that it is the core of society; and that the family members are partners of life and destiny in the different aspects of life; and in an effort from the rational government to avail the decent ways of living to Omanis through the Sultanate; and to show the care given by the Ministry to individuals, families and society; and upon the Ministry’s wish to promote the living standards of citizens, the Directorate of Developing and Empowering the Family was established. The Directorate is affiliated with the Directorate General of Family Development in pursuant with the Ministerial Decision No. (44/2009) issued on April 18th, 2009.          

Target groups in the programs and projects

  1. All different groups of society.
  2. The workers in the field of family development.
  3. Authorities specialized in the field of family care .