Child's Affairs

The civilizational progress of any society is measured by its care for children. Therefore, the Ministry has sought to put childhood at the heart of its concern and potentials in order to prepare the future generation and to promote children to create persons who are fully aware of their developmental role in community service.
So, conducting many activities, programs and forums for the childhood sector in different parts of the Sultanate that are affiliated with the Ministry is considered among the highest priorities that aim at developing and enhancing children’s innovations and help them gain openness to the world.  
This was what the Children’s Affairs Directorate sought to achieve through setting the principles and standards relating to the establishment and modernization of children institutions to guarantee the high quality of the services provided, planning for programs, activities and enterprises relating to children’s development and culture in the society, supervise its implementation, follow up it, and take care of the children who need all aspects of care.


  1. Promote the services provided to Omani children and develop the situations of local and Arab children
  2. Develop the child’s sensory, mental, social, health and educational abilities
  3. Achieve security and social stability for children through guaranteeing their rights and meeting their needs
  4. Document the information and data relating to children sector in the Sultanate
  5. Face the challenges of economic globalization and its impacts on the issues of children and teenagers.