Divisions of the department

Division of childhood programs

  1. Plan the programs, activities and enterprises relating to developing the children’s culture in the society and oversee their implementation and follow-up
  2. Study the local and international reports on childhood, reflect and take notes and presentations regarding them with the purpose of benefiting from them to develop and grow the different aspects of childhood
  3. Organize special events and forums in child-related local, Arab and international occasions
  4. Implement the family and community awareness programs relating to early childhood stage and methods of correct upbringing
  5. Encourage the voluntary work and expand its base in the field of supporting child programs   
  • Department of Child Upbringing Institutions

  1. It is responsible for the following:Set the principles and standards relating to establishing child institutions and update them to guarantee the quality of the services provided
  2. Study the applications for establishing kindergartens and similar institutions and their compliance with the regulations
  3. Supervise the kindergartens and other institutions and provide technical support for the programs and activities provided to children and evaluate them
  4. Prepare the guides and booklets that suit the child requirements in kindergarten   


The Child Upbringing Institutions supervised by the Ministry

First: Kindergartens

They are social and educational institutions that offer care and concern services to children. They receive the age groups from 3 months to three years and half.

Second: Child Growth Houses

IIt is a social civil activity that helps the rural children formulate their characters and provide them with educational, social, cultural and recreational services. They are run by civil committees and serve children from the age of three years and half to preschool.

Third: Children's Corners

IIt is an activity included among Omani Women Associations’ activities provided to the children in the cities and centers of the wilayas. They work to connect the essential cultural, educational, social and recreational services. They are run by Omani Women Associations. They serve children from the age of three years and half to preschool.

Division of Alternative Care

The Department assumes the following responsibilities:
  1. The Department assumes the following responsibilities:Receive and review the families’ applications for incubating the orphan children and the alike
  2. Receive, review and decide on the applications for incubating children that are referred from the Ministry’s directorates in the governorates
  3. Undertake the delivery of children to the incubating families in coordination with the Child Care Centre
  4. Periodically follow up in Muscat governorate and prepare the required reports
  5. Issue relevant papers for the children with unknown parent/parents
  6. Mutually coordinate and cooperate with the directorates and departments in the governorates
  7. Conduct researches and reports relating to children prohibited from family care
  8. Facilitate the measures for transferring the children and guarantee their safe residency in the Child Care Centre