Frequently asked questions (FAQ)Social care

Q. What are the obstacles that prevent me from getting social security salary?

A. There are no obstacles for the social security salary, but the applicant must meet the requirements for obtaining a social security salary set by the Law of Social Security.

Q. Where do I apply for Social Security in the ministry?

A. Submit the application to the Department of Social Development or Social Development Center which is located in the region or state where you live.

Q. What documents are required to obtain a social security salary?

A. Fill in an application form for social assistance, attach the required documents in the form according to the security category type.

Q. In the case of requesting a security salary, how long does it take to get the service?

A. It depends on the extent of the applicant's cooperation in providing all required documents and correct data about the social and economic condition. The consideration of the request does not exceed 4 months in accordance with (Article 10) of the Law of Social Security.

Q. What is the purpose of the social researcher's visit for the family home?

A. In order to stand on the circumstances of the family of all residential, social, economic and health aspects as the goal is not to link the family to the salary, but also to help them in other aspects if the need arises, such as improving the status of housing, the provision of some household items, and raising awareness of the family.

Q. How to determine the eligibility or rejection?

A. To meet the required data, the required documents, absence of a source of income equivalent to the salary due to the number of family members, and absence of an obligated relative who is capable of expenditure according to the obligation rule.

Q. How the salary value is determined?

A. Determining the salary value depends on the number of family members contained in the social security salary timetable in the Law of Social Security, taken into account the following: - Cutting off regular income return of (real estate, agricultural and animal) property or pension .- if income is less than the pension payable to the family. In the case of existence of an obligated relative of part of the family members of the applicant family, the salary is disbursed to the rest of the family members according to the salary timetable in the Law of Social Security.

Q. Is the yield of traditional handicraft and home-based business cut off from the social security salary?

A. The income yield is not cut off, instead it is considered an encouragement to engage in non-sustainable handicraft and home-based business according to Article (5) of the Law of Social Security.

Q. Why is the obligatory rule applied to the married daughter?

A. To achieve the principle of equality between men and women in rights and duties. As the married son is obliged to a portion of his family members, the woman is also obliged to a part of her family members by the value of the salary because the Omani women won the right in all areas since the dawn of the Renaissance, based on the statute of the state and the Personal Status Law.

Q. After the applicant for service receives the security salary what is required of him?

A. Report any economic or social variables arise such as a death in the family, a new baby in the family, marriage, work, study.

Q. What are the consequences on the part of the owner of the salary in the event of non-reporting or delay in reporting changes in family circumstances?

A. In the event of receiving sums unduly as a result of failure to report or delay in reporting, the owner of the salary shall be required to pay the amount in cash, in installments or even dropping the salary on the basis of Article 24 of the law.

Q. What are the reasons for the dropping of salary?

A. The existence of an obligated relative who is capable of expenditure and the availability of income, marriage of the eligible woman for the salary, death, the ability to work, the exit of the head of the family from prison if the family was of a prisoner and the return of the head of the family if the family was abandoned.

To whom the assistance is given?

It is given to a needy Omani citizens depending on their circumstances and reasons . However, there are assistance given only to families of social security.

What assistance are provided to all citizens?

Acted in the following situations:
  1. Cash or in-kind assistance for people affected by disasters. The type and the quantity of assistance is determined by the social worker.
  2. Monthly financial assistance to individuals with chronic diseases who need special medicines or continuing care.
  3. In kind assistance such as electrical appliances and furniture the need for assistance is determined by the social worker.

What assistance are provided to families of social security?

  1. Exemption from fees for residential land, electricity and water, treatment, renewal of identity card & passport and border crossing charge.
  2. Pay the costs of the Hajj one-time only.
  3. Scholarship in private colleges and universities in Oman.
  4. Providing of school kits for the children of the families of social security.
  5. Monthly financial assistance to individuals with chronic diseases who need special medicines or continuous care.
  6. Transport allowance for people with kidney disease who require revision to dialysis clinics and that is depending on the number of visits.
  7. Tickets for non-Omani wife of a citizen to visit her relatives once every three years.