Juveniles’ delinquency is considered one of the negative social phenomena that most societies suffer from as a result of the economic, social and cultural variables. The sultanate, like any one of these societies, has witnessed in the recent years an increase in the cases of juveniles’ delinquency. In the attempt of the Ministry of Social Development towards developing the programs of its services in all fields and particularly those directed to the juveniles, the juveniles responsibility law has been issued in accordance with the Royal Decree No. (30/2008). Hence, the Directorate of Juveniles Affairs has been established in the Directorate General of Social Care in pursuant with the Ministerial decision No. (100/2008). The Directorate aims at rehabilitating, training and caring for juveniles, who are exposed to delinquency and those who underwent delinquency, and to find the possible ways to correctly educate them and to care for them, rehabilitate and teach them according to their capabilities and readiness. In order to enable juveniles who underwent delinquency and those who are subject to delinquency to come back to society as ordinary individuals, the reformation and guidance homes offer them rehabilitation programs in different fields like (social, psychological, educational, artistic, sports, health, vocational, agricultural fields, among others) in addition to the successive care, i.e., to follow up the juvenile after being released from the two juveniles care homes. The number of juveniles referred by the Public Prosecution in 2014 was (423) among them there were (388) males and (35) females. Among these there were (382) Omanis and (41) non-Omanis. (397) cases were also investigated and studied. The number of cases transferred to the Juveniles’ home was (32) cases and (5) cases were referred to the Guidance Home. The number of juveniles under judicial test was (97) cases.