social assistances

The concept of social assistance

It includes cash and temporary intangible assistances, special cases assistances, emergent cases assistances and assistances in cases of disasters and calamities to the needy families and individuals in pursuant with the assistances regulations issued by the Ministerial decision No. (72/2014).

Brief description of the service

  1. Temporary cash or intangible assistances to the needy families and individuals: they are granted to the individual or the family who does not receive a salary in accordance with the regulations of the social security law or any other law. The intangible assistances shall be the tents and the alike, blankets and straw mats and the alike.
  2.  Assistances in the special cases which are given to the citizens who are subject to special circumstances that requires to assist them. The costs of the compensatory equipment like the headphones, wheelchairs, medical glasses shall be paid. Wheelchairs and canes shall be given to the underprivileged. The costs of electricity and water connection to the houses of the individuals and families of the social security law shall be paid. Also, a monthly assistance shall be paid to the orphans and families subject to the social security law. A monthly cash assistance shall be paid to the special medical cases whose treatment requires additional costs such as ((heart and arteries diseases, kidney failure, all types of cancer, hereditary blood diseases (thalassemia, sickle cell anemia), cerebral palsy, mental retardation, epidemic hepatitis and its consequences, chronic rheumatism, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), tuberculosis, Alzheimer and other cases requiring additional expenses based on a medical report from the competent medical authority and upon conducting the social investigation). The fees on land and municipality works that are due on the individuals and families benefiting from the regulations of the social security law shall be paid for them.
  3. Assistances in emergent cases: these are the cases where the individual or the family undergoes an unexpected social or economic circumstance that is beyond the control of the individual or the family. They may cause harm that cannot be confronted or bear its effects by the normal income of the individual or family. Natural disasters and fires are not considered as emergent cases
  4. Assistances in cases of disasters: these disasters occur as a result of the natural factors like floods, rains, storms, winds and fires which result in damages to citizens’ whether in assets, property or sources of income whether they are individual or collective disasters and calamities. An immediate financial assistance, as well as intangible assistances like tents, blankets, food supplies, etc., shall be paid to them. Assistances for damages occurring to houses, sources of income and casualties shall also be paid.

The Targeted Group

Temporary tangible and intangible assistances shall be paid to the needy families and individuals who do not receive a salary in accordance with the regulations of the social security law and assistances in special and emergent cases. They are paid to the citizens who are exposed to special circumstances where it is required to help them. The assistances in cases of individual and collective disasters and calamities are paid to the individual or family who was exposed to unexpected social or economic circumstances.

Time of application

The affected person shall inform the competent authority of the damage resulting from fire, floods, or other reasons within (15) fifteen days from the date of occurrence. Exemption from this period may occur upon a decision by the responsible employee according to the conditions of the individual case. The applicant for assistance shall submit his application to the competent authority where he states the type of the requested assistance with annexing the document supporting his request. The competent authority has to study the request and to decide within a period of time not exceeding (3) thirty days from the date of submission. The applicant shall be notified by the decision issued regarding his application by the available channels. The applicant may send a grievance to the minister upon refusing his application or to specify the amount of assistance within (60) sixty days from the date of notification. The minister has to decide on the grievance within (30) days of the date of submission.

The application fees

There are no fees for the social assistance application.