Service Requisition stages

a. The request stage:

  1. The first stage: the applicant for the service shall go to the location of the directorate in the place where he resides to submit his application for the type of assistance he needs.
  2. The second stage: the applicant for the service shall attach all documents relevant to the type of the assistance he needs. 3. The employee responsible for the assistance shall verify the case and that it requires assistance according to the results of the social investigation conducted by the concerned directorate.

b. The forms and measures required to be completed to request the service (submitting copies if possible):

  1.  In case of temporary tangible and intangible assistances: a social investigation shall be conducted. Also, the family’s verification income certificate is required provided that the amount of the assistance shall not exceed the amount of the due social security salary for (6) six months in case the assistance is paid at one time provided that the times of payment shall not exceed two times during the year; and that the total amount of the assistance shall not exceed the amount of the social security salary due for one year if the assistance is paid in different installments during the year.
  2. In case of financial assistance to bring a maid in medical cases: submitting a certification in the form of a report from the medical competent authority. The amount of the assistance shall not exceed (100) one hundred Omani Riyals for the salary of the maid per month.
  3.  In case of assistances in special cases: if the assistance is to pay for travel tickets for the Omani’s wife, widow or children who are below (18) eighteen and with a maximum of four children, the family shall submit a certification that the family is subject to the social security law and the approval of the husband or the widow’s sponsor to travel. The tickets shall be economy class and for one time every (3) three years at least from the Sultanate to the country she holds, or used to hold. its nationality, and vice versa.
  4. In case the assistance was paid for compensatory equipment for persons from the social security families or their alike, a report from the medical competent authority shall certify the beneficiary’s need for the equipment provided that the report shall specify the types of equipment, and that the report is certified by an accredited specialized doctor.
  5.  In case the assistance is paid for connecting electricity and water, they have to annex the salary card, a copy of the house ownership bond with duplicates and a statement of the connection expenses.
  6. In case of the assistance in cases of disasters and calamities where damages are inflicted on houses and sources of income, a social investigation shall be conducted to list and evaluate the impairment and damages. The house ownership certification shall be submitted for the house he lives in on a permanent basis as well as an income verification certificate.