Services provided to families of social security in addition to the monthly salary

  1. Exemption from the fees of issuing and renewing of the passport and Identity Card and issuing the birth certificate
  2. Exemption from the fees of treatment card in governmental health institutions
  3. Exemption from the fees of granting housing lands and issuing the property bond and mortgage bond for real estate properties
  4. Exemption from the municipality fees for building license
  5. Exemption from the fees of employing the housemaids or private driver (for the elderly and disabled)
  6. Exemption from judicial fees and fees of delegating experts and attorneys at different degrees of courts
  7. Payment of the two Eids grant “Al-Fitr and Al-Adha” which is equivalent to the salary entitled to each case
  8. Payment of illness benefit of no more than (20) Omani Riyals per individual to be added to the monthly salary for persons who suffer from chronic diseases (heart and arteries diseases, kidney failure, all types of cancer, hereditary blood diseases (thalassemia, sickle cell anemia), cerebral palsy, mental retardation, epidemic hepatitis and its consequences, chronic rheumatism, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), tuberculosis, Alzheimer and other cases requiring additional expenses based on a medical report from the competent medical authority and upon conducting the social investigation) which their circumstances require additional expenses.
  9. Payment of monthly cash aid to persons who suffer from chronic diseases that require monthly continuous review in hospitals according to the number of reviews at the cost of (20) Omani Riyals per one hospital review inside the Sultanate at a maximum limit of (100) Omani Riyals per month.
  10. Payment of cash aid to supply meat for the holy month of Ramadan as follows: one- member family (20) Omani Riyals, two or three member family (thirty) Omani Riyals and four or more member family (40) Omani Riyals.
  11. Payment of condolence assistance for the family in case of the demise of the person entitled to the salary or one of the family members at an amount equivalent to twice as the due salary for each case.
  12. Disposal of different medical aids for the disabled (glasses, headphones, canes, wheelchairs, medical beds, teeth sets, etc.)
  13. Payment of travel tickets for the non-Omani wife or widow and her children who are below (18) at a maximum of four children for the purpose of visiting her family.
  14. Payment of financial assistance to supply the school equipment at the beginning of every school year for children studying in the primary and public education schools.
  15. Cover the Haj performance expenses at an amount of (400) individuals per year at a cost of (1000) Omani Riyals per individual.
  16. The children of the social security families are entitled to get full internal scholarships in the private universities and colleges for a number of (1500) students per year for those whose success percentage in the general diploma has not qualified them to get academically admitted to governmental universities, colleges and institutes.
  17. Priority is given to children of the social security families to occupy the job vacancies in the private sector. The circumstances of these cases are to be taken into consideration when applying to get a job in the public sector in case the results of tests and interview for getting the job were the same for the applicants
  18. Help the members of the social security families who are able to run income generating projects with a capital of (10000) ten thousand Omani Riyals for the project as a zero- interest loan to be repaid in soft installments by Ar-Rafd Fund
  19. Financial, residential, educational and treatment aids provided by the Omani Authority for Charities
  20. The children of the social security families studying at Sultan Qaboos University get an additional monthly financial aid
  21. Get residential assistance to build or renovate a house through the Ministry of Housing
  22. Rent payment for a temporary dwelling for the individual or the family if it is proved that they have no place to live in or their house was about to fall, or it was affected because of fire or floods till the competent authority provides the proper housing.
  23. Any family with children enrolled in regular study (primary and general schools) can get a laptop and also the children who are enrolled in governmental and private universities and colleges can get a laptop for every student of the social security families though the Information Technology Authority.
  24. Payment of connection fees for electricity, water and the sanitation services.
  25. Provide the furniture and basic equipment for the house according to the actual need of the individual or the family.
  26. Payment of financial assistance to the student who is enrolled in regular study in primary or general education at the amount of (5) Omani Riyals per student to be added to the monthly salary.
  27. Payment of assistance for the salary of the maid in medical cases that require the availability of someone who should serve the patient upon an evidence by social investigation that the bound relative is not able to take care of the patient provided that the amount of the assistance should not exceed one hundred Omani Riyals per month.