Monthly salaries to the social security families :

Monthly salaries according to the table annexed to the Social Security law .

Order of family members Salary amount (Omani Riyals) The family’s salary Salary amount (Omani Riyals)
Head of household or breadwinner or the first member. 80 A family of one member. 80
The Second member. 44 A family of two members. 124
The Third member. 26 A family of three members 150
The Fourth member 22 A family of  four members. 172
The Fifth member. 18 A family of five members. 190
The Sixth member. 18 A family of six members. 208 
The Seventh member. 18  A family of seven members. 226 
The Eighth member. 16  A family of eight members. 242 
The Ninth member. 12  A family of nine members. 254 
The Tenth member 10  A family of ten members or more. 264