Services and facilities for the disabled:

  1. The disabled card which is the official document to prove disability   and is issued by the ministry under Article 12 of the Law of Care and Rehabilitation of the Disabled. This means the insurance to get the rights and privileges enjoyed by persons with disabilities. In addition, the card is a source of data on the numbers of disabled people and it helps to know the prevalence of disability in number and geographically so as to provide data to determine their needs.
  2. Exemption from fees of bringing  housemaid and private driver for persons with disabilities whom incomes are below RO 350. This is done in coordination with the Ministry of Manpower in accordance with the procedures specified in this regard.
  3. Exempting  persons with disabilities who earn less than RO 250 from registration fees and renewal of their cars in Royal Oman Police.
  4. Granting the disabled special discounts when buying cars and household supplies and items.
  5. Parking permits for people with disabilities disbursed by the ministry.
  6. Transportation, including facilitating the movement of people with disabilities by exemption and reduction of the fees and the use of means of transportation affiliated to National Transportation, and 50% reduction of the price of air travel tickets.
  7. Exemption from fees of the granted ownership residential land for persons with disabilities whom income is less than RO (200) by the State and for one-time only, and exemption of half of the value for those whom income is exceeding RO (200) and less than RO (300).
  8. Accreditation of the card as a sufficient document to indicate the status of the person when applying for job offers in the public and private sector according to the prescribed percentage for each of them.