Dhofar for Autism

Origination and Services Center and objectives Address


The Centre has been declared in 2014, and  it offers rehabilitation of all types of disabilities as well as for children with autism spectrum disorder through the following programs Service (Special Education - occupational therapy - speech therapy - physiotherapy - psychological counseling and behavior modification)


  1. Develop the intellectual capabilities among the center’s children and autistic persons
  2. Develop the individual capabilities among the targeted children by adopting modern educational and scientific programs
  3. Accommodate modern growth levels and domains to develop the capabilities of autistic persons
  4. Follow up with the children who have been integrated in schools and continue to work with them and not to leave them without assistance
  5. Work to strengthen attention and concentration in order to completely reach the desired goals
  6. Establish the comprehensiveness principle during psychological and movement intervention, linguistic aspect, social aspect, self-independence and all simple and complicated points that are emerging from these domains    

Dhofar for Autism




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