Arab Centre for Autism

Origination and Services Center and objectives Address


The Centre has been declared in 2015, and  it offers rehabilitation of all types of disabilities as well as for children with autism spectrum disorder through the following programs Service (Special Education - occupational therapy - speech therapy - physiotherapy - psychological counseling and behavior modification)


  1. Provide safe place and treatment environment to rehabilitate autistic children
  2. Detailed explanation and elaboration on all that is related to the autism disorder to the one who takes care of  the autistic child
  3. Diagnose and evaluate the child by using the most t recent parameters under the supervision of a qualified technical staff that are specialized in the autism disorder
  4. Direct and instruct the autistic child family on how to deal with the disorder and to cope with it and to enhance its duties towards the child
  5. Provide all treatment tools for the autistic child like functional treatment, speech treatment, behavioral treatment, psychological treatment and academic rehabilitation

  Muscat –Medial Production City





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