Al-Ajyal Al-Moshriqa

Origination and Services Center and objectives Address


The Centre has been declared in 2014, and  it offers rehabilitation of all types of disabilities as well as for children with autism spectrum disorder through the following programs Service (Special Education - occupational therapy - speech therapy - physiotherapy - psychological counseling and behavior modification)


  1. Evaluation/ the center evaluates the cases forwarded from the Ministry by the Centre’s specialists through scientific methods and open a special profile for autism cases with putting treatment plans for each case

  2. Rehabilitation and care/ provide care and rehabilitation to persons with autism and articulation and speech disorders and rehabilitate them to cope with the life conditions, self-reliance and to adapt psychologically and socially to their social context

  3. Integrate functional treatment and learning with playing, cope up with the modern developments and consult new research and studies in their rehabilitation

  4. Awareness/ for the guardians and families and provide free family consultancies to their guardians and benefit from experts and specialists in this field to provide help and assistance to their children

  5. Communicate with the society/ the center contributes to rehabilitate a generation of autistic educated persons and get them  involved in the society which will lead to equip this group with the skills required for self-reliance and benefit from the specialized expertise inside and outside the Sultanate to conduct discussion sessions and family aid         

NorthernAl-Batinah –Sohar-Themain building
The branch building – the Wilaya of Sahm




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