Al-Maladh for Rehabilitation

Origination and Services Center and objectives Address


The Centre has been declared in 2014, and  it offers rehabilitation of all types of disabilities as well as for children with autism spectrum disorder through the following programs Service (Special Education - occupational therapy - speech therapy - physiotherapy - psychological counseling and behavior modification)


  1. Develop the intellectual and developmental capabilities of persons with intellectual disability (mild or medium degrees of disabilities)
  2. Reduce the intensity of inability by adopting the most modern methods
  3. Grow the developmental capabilities by guided scientific methods
  4. Rehabilitate persons with hearing disabilities
  5. Enhance the level of developmental capabilities of persons with intellectual disabilities
  6. Develop the innovative skills and capabilities for each case according to its status, provide training according to its capacity and prepare it on all levels
  7. Provide psychological guidance for all cases
  8. Diversify the activities provided to the targeted group, avail the training opportunities to the cases according to their disability and ability to cope with the offered professional activities and enhance their confidence
  9. Instill the concepts of productivity and innovation to polish their handicraft talents to be able to evaluate their acquisitions and work to make benefit from them
  10. Create opportunities for the social and professional integration of the cases  

Muscat – Al-Ma’beelah