Centre of Early Intervention for Children with Disability

Origination and Services Center and objectives Address


The Centre has been declared in 2013, and  it offers rehabilitation of all types of disabilities as well as for children with autism spectrum disorder through the following programs Service (Special Education - occupational therapy - speech therapy - physiotherapy - psychological counseling and behavior modification)


  1. Provide diagnostic, training and educational services to children with special needs from birth till the age of six in order to help the natural growth by accelerating kinetic, linguistic, developmental and social growth to integrate them with ordinary children or direct them to the specialized channels to make benefit from the available services.
  2. Provide practical training to children’s guardians through their participation in the treatment and training programs for their children
  3. Offer awareness programs to the community groups to restrict the occurrence of disability by explaining its reasons and the available alternatives.
  4. Provide awareness programs to restrict the occurrence of disability through conducting special workshops and continuous learning programs for the workers in this field in the different wilayas of the Sultanate
  5. Cooperate with similar regional and international associations
  6. Cooperate with local, regional and international institutions and organizations to benefit from their services in the field of the Association’s activity

  Muscat – Al-Udhaibah