Oman Medical Association

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العذيبة الهاتف: 24602227 - 99209050 الفاكس: 24699959

البريد الكترون


number & date declaration
88/2001 – 28/4/2001


24479956  – 97003360 - 93682380



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  1. Seek to enhance and develop the level of the profession practice of medicine and the relevant sciences
  2. Keep the ethics of the profession and the members’ behavior when practicing this profession
  3. Spread health awareness in the society and work to improve the individuals’ health services
  4. Offer proposals to the competent authorities in the Sultanate that guarantee the development of health services in the Sultanate
  5. Work to enhance the doctors’ professional level with all methods
  6. Cooperate with the similar professional bodies in other countries in the field of health services or developing them
  7. Assist the Association’s members and defend their rights before judicial authorities and disciplinary councils
  8. Help the members find job opportunities in the Sultanate
  9. Cooperate and coordinate with the competent authorities by contacting universities and scientific institutions outside the Sultanate to provide higher studies for the members    


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